craftsman versastack vs milwaukee packout

The first one that caught my eye is the Craftsman Multi Level Workshop. This is one big piece. Definitely. First, being offered under three brands means you can just read the reviews on the existing brands instead of making the investment on something new with limited reviews available. This set is perfect for a There are two small trays on the top tool box. Changed the yellow to red. It adds some flexibility to how you work, you can pick up boxes 1, 4, 9 and roll them to the site, or on smaller jobs, you can leave the boxes and drawers alone, and pick out the tools you need into the tote and off you go with just the tote or another stacked box above or below. They are interchangeable. I think the tote is priced at $16.99. But that’s not a fair comparison in my opinion. One would wonder, since these are really formerly DeWalt and Stanley tool boxes, what is Stanley’s plan for Craftsman? Only Versastack and TStak seem to have a unit like this. It’s a three piece system with stackable boxes. I don’t plan on having foam cutouts as I think it reduces what you can fit inside a box, so holding it like a briefcase would not work. The clips on the dewalt are cheesy, if this is the same as the dewalt hold out for the ridgid box. Nothing beats having the right tools for the job and that’s exactly what the 289 pc. But I didn’t see that medium box on the shelf, nor could I find the organizer. The Packout skinny box is $68. This is a huge brand with a big following. The final item is a deep organizer. It is available at Global Industries for $50.95. Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Hand Tools and All Things Tools, Tool, Jobsite, Workshop Storage and Organization,,,,,,,, Join our growing forum with over 3,000 posts per week and start winning, This topic has 105 replies, 12 voices, and was last updated. I needed to take some interior measurements of the boxes so I went back again last night. I paid $79 each at Ganahl Lum ber in Pasadena CA. It is not yet listed on Lowes and no price on the shelf either. Looks like the new Craftsman stuff is rolling out. A part organizer like the suitcase box – didn’t see that at Lowes either but appeared in pictures If you do one primary thing such as paint and want to throw a paint sprayer, putty knives, caulk guns, tubes of caulk, tape, knives, rollers and brushes and what not, and not too heavy, this may work. So this Versastack has a “suitcase” box, an organizer that is the same size as the suitcase, a medium box, and a deep rolling box. With a 20 volts motor, this drill carries enough punch for all demanding tasks. Comparing the construction of the Husky and Versastack/Tstak systems, the Husky wins hands down. With a comfortable and sturdy grip complemented by an impressive fast turning speed, this unit certainly ranks well on the best po… Lowes link: I found a new item on the shelf this time. $79 total cost. Also I cannot consider Milwaukee because their shallower boxes have no top handle. I can’t find it on Lowes own web site or it’s price. Crafstman Versastack 17.126-in Plastic; Metal Wheels Lockable … On the shelf however, the bottom deep box is priced at $49.95, and the shallow box which they called the “System Suitcase” at $16.99. 20% Off Craftsman Versastack (Guess what its Compatible with!) Which means my options were L-boxxes or the badly received Marita boxes. I will post about one product with it’s assorted picture per post below so it doesn’t get too confusing all intermixed. all terrain wheels and metal reinforced corners to provide up to 250 lbs of weight capacity in harsh jobsite conditions. Give it a try by dragging and dropping the PACKOUT™ components to start building your system. VERSASTACK water-sealed deep box with flat top offers new innovation in storage options. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Mailing Address: 2251 N Rampart BLVD, #177, Las Vegas, NV 89128 Check out our other YouTube channels:Weightloss Journey: we make money: Politics: Cubs Channel:*Amazon links are affiliate links and a small commission is paid by Amazon to the DoT 2. Not adjustable. These plastic don’t feel as filmsy as the other two I discussed prior. This mechanics tool box comes equipped with 72-Tooth ratchets, an extensive a very broad assortment of drive tools, and ruggid rugged 3- drawer blow mold case. Thats right. And can you guess what two systems it is 100% compatible with? )Lowes has the entire Craftsman Versastak system on sale for 20% off till the end of the month. Milwaukee Packout Radio Video Review - M18 2950 Bluetooth | STR So is this what Stanley has in mind for Craftsman’s name? Milwaukee offers 8 different solutions to fit your needs. And the fully wheeled Packout is often featured on Frenzy Friday. With their lids open. The item on the shelf does not correspond to the sticker on the shelf and I looked at the various nearby stickers. Through an intuitive and quick attachment mechanism, the user is allowed the freedom to stack and lock the various PackOut tool boxes, organizers, and totes into any variety of … Note the “20880” LOL. The top is an organizer and the middle is a shallow box like a LB2 and the bottom is a deep box like a LB4. We offer cut to size foam, any dimension up to 24x24. You can just order whichever brand on is on sale or cheaper. This is stackable, so you could carry it one piece at a time out of the truck. The latch mechanism connecting the bottom box to the top box. This Craftsman offering is certainly interesting from a price standpoint. 3. I’m going to have to go check them out. If you load it up full of tools, you have to lift the whole thing on and off your vehicle. I do too. It’s not modular again. ... Milwaukee 48-22-8424 PACKOUT Tool Box - Red. After doing more research on this, I am reasonably sure this is the same as the DeWalt TSTAK, and the Stanley FatMax TSTAK. The middle is a parts organizer with removable partitions. I might seriously consider it for my less accessed parts and accessories. The next one is also a three piece rolling storage. We sell and deliver the best quality accessories for your Note that the tote has some vertical storage on the side for wrenches, screw drivers, torpedo level, pencils, clip a tape measure etc…. Second, it makes it easier if certain colors is a show stopper. Here’s a good thread on the Packout,,, You can also stack other boxes over the tote. I have more than 10 of the Milwaukee Packout boxes. umm…I have seen this before. So far from what I have seen on this VERSASTACK series, they have: 1. Radio/charger, tool case, deep case, deepest case with roller, parts organizer, tote, 2 shallow drawer case. But that’s not a fair comparison in my opinion. They’ve been producing great power tools and their Cordless Drill is just as great. 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 92 product ratings (92) $69.97 New They can be utilized even if there isn’t an item under the Craftsman brand. Open tote – not sure on price I think $15.99. Welcome to! When considering a power tool purchase how often do you visit the manufacturer's website before making a purchase? There were quire a few items there and I took them all down on the floor and spent some time opening closing stacking unstacking feeling rolling them around as well as took some pictures. All units can stack on top of each other and are able to connect with durable … Without question the Milwaukee is the best packout box. I wonder if the entire DeWalt TSTAK will be brought over because the TSTAK has a cart, trolley, deep drawer, foam inserts and long handle boxes. Jul 3, 2020 - Explore Art Knight's board "Vesastack", followed by 108 people on Pinterest. This is priced originally at $99.99 marked down to $79.98 and it’s a three tier rolling solution with the ability to cantilever. The combo kit provides a solution for all of your drilling and fastening needs while adding the convenience of a VERSASTACK™ Tool Box. The handle on top wobbles. Not for it’s mobility but as a stacked tier in my truck for non tools stuff. The Milwaukee PackOut Modular Storage System is a new attachment system that allows boxes, organizers, and totes of multiple sizes and configurations to easily stack and lock together. Craftsman vs Dewalt. BUT i can buy a whole lot more Craftsman for the price of 1 Milwaukee. It has some interesting optional add-on's like their Radio+Charger and Double Drawer Craftsman Versastack is fully compatible with DeWalt's TStak system. Definitely not in the same caliber as Milwaukee' Packout but it would be good for a DIYer/handyman. A tote. It is the same as Stanley STST16813 Rolling Workshop. 5. BUT THERE IS AN ISSUE WITH PACKOUTS. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. Makes on sense. The Ridgid Pro Gear system looks like they're the same material (or similar) as pelican cases - which makes me think they're super durable - but there's no listing of them as a "set" like the others. Not sure. Why would they create a stackable storage offering and then their new organizer that is stackable won’t stack on these. I will ask if I can take them down from the display. Also, I wonder if the yellow and black Stanley TSTAK boxes will be phased out and hence go on a fire sale soon? V20* Cordless 4 Tool Combo Kit with VERSASTACK™ Storage (2 Batteries) provides the ability to complete a variety of general construction applications. The suitcases have top and front handles and catches on the left/right sides. Join the discussion at www.DenOfTools.comLink to the Versastack: System: Insert: to Support The Channel:#1 Sharing a video is the easiest way to support the channel.#2 Buy \"Den of Tools\" stickers and more here: #3 Get your copy of The Home Distiller's Workbook: Check out my Amazon Shop for Recommended Gear: you linked up on our other social media sites? OK so this is everything in the VERSASTACK series so far. Bottom deep box roller with handle $49.99 I have been looking at the L-boxxes as a possible modular tool storage solution in the last few weeks, doing some research on them and comparing them with the Milwaukee Packout, DeWalt Toughboxes etc…and one issue I have is I could never get my hands on them. You can go yellow or red, or mix them. But I don’t think you can get it without buying the tools unfortunately. Now the craftsman boxes have top handles. The DeWalt ToughSystem drawer unit is much bigger than I need. The Craftsman model is CMST18614, which is the Stanley model number + 1. So I tried it on the System Tower. The milwaukee M12 ratchet barely fits- the rubber overmolding rubs on the upper drawer but the drawer does close. Milwaukee Tools is listening to us! Capacity with Metal Reinforced Corners and Locking Points 4.8 out of 5 stars 269 A 4-Level Workstation ideal for transporting and storing large tools, as well as organizing hand tools, accessories, and other jobsite necessities. Versastack/Tstak is much thinner in construction all around. The Craftsman counterpart seems identical, only red/black instead of yellow/black but lower in prices. We offer up to 24x48 single sheets, but you must email us at with your info so we can quote it … Nope, different size boxes. This is a DeWalt DWST20880 and they called it a “Multi-Level Rolling Mobile Work Center”. But then again, it’s $79.98. 4. ... Milwaukee 48-22-8426 Packout Rolling Tool Box (166) $129.00 New---- Used; Stanley STST18613 3 in 1 Mobile Work Center - Yellow (181) $47.99 New I'm coming from the Husky 22 in Connect Rolling System. These organizer boxes are stackable. We will be continuously updating this store with new inserts and related tools. I have the ridgid box but have checked out the dewalt and Milwaukee ones that coworkers had. Overall impression…If you are looking for something modular, to carry to the job site from your vehicle, which boxes you need may change from day to day or project to project, this is not it. However, at the store I was at, it wasn’t being sold as a three piece unit. The bottom is just one big deep box. Milwaukee PACKOUT vs. DeWalt TSTAK vs. DeWalt ToughSystem … This is a pass for me. On some brands the tote has to be on the top of the stack, this one can be anywhere. Craftsman comparison. they now have PackOut Socket sets Preorder from Ohio Power Tool Vlog 0006 Let's screw and have a ball (Mud n' More MixBall, Tstak to PackOut, U2 and Winners ) Vlog 0005 Penny Wants a Cracker (scratch & … With the lid open there is a smaller slidng tray up top. Craftsman link: Between now and Thanksgiving there are to be a lot of new Craftsman stuff at Lowes. The three piece unit on Lowes web site is $79.98. Interesting. My guess is it’s around $60. Put it’s brand on other stuff they have? This article will give you an updated comparison of Ryobi vs Milwaukee brands for 2018. Wait…I think I have seen this before as well. PACKOUT™ Modular Storage System gives you the ability to fully customize your storage, letting you stack tool boxes, organizers, totes and bags. Reinforced tool boxes and organizers provide impact-resistant protection for sensitive tools, while heavy-duty tool totes and bags offer plenty of storage with quick and convenient access. Note that the handle to roll the whole thing is NOT secured to the bottom box, but on the top box. @Miamicuse yes that third one ,is the one I had mentioned in your other l box thread, that’s the one that caught my eye also, looks pretty good, I looked at them at My Blows too. @miamicuse yes that third one ,is the one I had mentioned in your other l box thread, that’s the one that caught my eye also, looks pretty good. The rol Note that this is part of what they called VERSASTACK. not sure what the problem is. Went to Lowes yesterday to pick up a few things and as I walked by I saw an entire rack up front dedicated to a new line of Craftsman mobile tool storage. The Craftsman seems like one of the cheaper options for sure - the "starter" kit with the cart and two more boxes is on sale for $80 right now (vs $280 for the Milwaukee set). ... By signing up you agree to receive emails from CRAFTSMAN with news, special offers, promotions and … It is a top tool box, in the middle is a skinny parts organizer that is also a lid of the deep bottom box. I can walk out of Lowe’s with the Craftsman rolling deep box, two tool boxes and a tote, all stacking, for less than $100, before the 10% Lowe’s discount. There is no other included accessory that I can see. I put three system suitcases on top of it. I kinda like the Milwaukee Packout. You can’t take it apart. The plastic feels kind of filmsy and flexes quite a bit. The Packout skinny box is $68. I could not find the stackable organizer (I did find one but that’s another product and doesn’t intergrate with this system). See more ideas about craftsman, craftsman tools, portable tool box. So planning is a real issue. Milwaukee Packout Review Value. With the organizer out of the way is the deep tote. Shallower suitcase box (between LB1 and LB2) – $16.99 Description Part of the industry’s most versatile and most durable modular storage system, the Milwaukee PACKOUT rolling tool box is constructed with impact resistant polymers, an industrial grade extension handle, 9 in. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CRAFTSMAN VERSASTACK Plastic Metal Wheeled Lockable Tool Box Storage Portable at the best online prices at eBay! Related Posts. Without going into each individual storage solution, I can easily say that these boxes offer a great value for the money. Free shipping for many products! I put the rolling deep box at the bottom and stacked three suitcases up top. Uses a big latch in the middle to expand. The Craftsman box is $16.99. Link to Craftsman:, Link to Lowes: All in black/red and plastic. Craftsman VersaStack Gets New Mechanic's Tools Set, Bag, and … They look like a recreation on many other boxx setups. It is not yet listed on Craftsman own web site or Lowes web site. With the lid opened showing the organizer. VERSASTACK™ Stackable Storage protects your hardest workers, keeping tools in-reach when you need them and secure when the job is done. In this picture if you look closer they showed a three tier arrangement with a middle box that is between the height of the suitcase and the deep rolling case. 3 Drive Mechanics Tool Box provides. The multi level workshop and the rolling workshop are not worth considering. © Robert Bosch Tool Corporation 2014, all rights reserved. This flexible platform gives you the option to create different combinations. If loaded up this would be like lifting a BBQ grill up to the truck. Will we start to see Porter Cable power tools to be relabeled as Craftsman? I *might* consider the suitcases. Being able to protect your tools, transport easily and having a system to make you more organized is priceless. Third, all the existing accessories, dollies, inserts, foam cutouts under the other brands are compatible. Overall impression. Craftsman link: This is a tool review of the DeWalt Mechanics Tool Set DWMT41019 from Costco vs Craftsman tool set. I don’t know if it means they come off or break off easy. Milwaukee 22 in. Thanks for all the information, they definitely are starting to get my attention, I really like how big bottom with the handle and wheels, and the other mod ones also, makes sense. Welcome to our site. Here are some pictures from different angles. It’s all owned by Stanley anyway. Ryobi vs Milwaukee - Battery and Impact Driver and Cordless Drill Comparison. The clutch and speed settings are easy to adjust too and you will find this practical when working on projects of varied nature. The latches to lock them into the stack is a bit difficult. It’s almost like you have to order one of each size just to start with, then go from there. You are here: Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 106 total). So I assembled the tote on top of these other boxes. It is called a XL PRO ORGANIZER CMST14520. I can walk out of Lowe’s with the Craftsman rolling deep box, two tool boxes and a tote, all stacking, for less than $100, before the 10% Lowe’s discount. Not terrible but it needs a bit of a finessing. If you remove the top box, you have the bottom box with the parts organizer lid. I just went back to Lowes again last night to have another look, took some measurements as well. Medium depth box (like the LB3) – didn’t see it at Lowes However, ... Would i prefer Milwaukee Packout, probably. The suitcase and sticker price. The third item is the Craftsman System Tower CMST60403. Don’t know if I would use it as a step stool though, plastic is kind of filmsy. This puts A LOT of stress on the latches that binds the top and bottom boxes. level 1. At the Lowes on display, two of the boxes already have NO front metal latches. 20% Off Craftsman Versastack (Guess what its Compatible with! The big handle seems pretty solid and can be recessed. Master Mechanics Tool Set comes equipped with 72-Tooth ratchets, a broad assortment of drive tools, and foam inserts. Tool and gear storage on the go... with a thumpin’ boom box as well? You can just stack the organizers by themselves? This may be the best bang for the buck modular tool storage system you can buy. and of course, this is the same as the Stanley FatMax TSTAK Tower FMST60403P, also available at Lowes, the three piece system for $95.20. Closed/collapsed position with handle up/down front and back. Craftsman: This seems to be a good height to sit on for some tasks? Not all of them are on the shelf at my local Lowes. The system tower seems to have enough pieces and the prices are very attractive. item 8 Craftsman Versastack System 17 Inch Red Plastic Tool Box Tray Organizer Mechanic 8 - Craftsman Versastack System 17 Inch Red Plastic Tool Box Tray Organizer Mechanic. As expected, this is the same as the Stanley FatMax FMST14520 organizer, also available from Lowes, for $24.98. What if you want to just roll the tote in without the toolbox you have no handle! Packout Rolling Modular Tool Box Stackable Storage System, Designed for Harsh Jobsite Conditions, Weather Sealed, 250 Lbs. Right now I think the Milwaukee Packout is the best ones out there I just hate the Milwaukee name and color so much I won’t but it. What about other spaces like shop storage, lawn equipment, hand tools where Craftsman is big in? The Milwaukee PACKOUT system is designed to carry anything you need, from classic hand tools to heavy power tools and power tool accessories. The system tower which used to be FatMax is not half bad. The 298 pc. They have a thing called Frenzy Fridays. Is it to use the brand name on other products? Not sure whose brand it comes actually comes out of, I think Stanley, but now it’s being rolled out under the Craftman brand. The Craftsman box is $16.99. Home > Topics > Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Hand Tools and All Things Tools > Tool, Jobsite, Workshop Storage and Organization > Craftsman "NEW" tool storage offering at Lowes. The expand slide out and in operation is not smooth. The corresponding item on Craftsman’s own web site call it a “Rolling Workshop” CMST18614 with no picture and it’s “COMING SOON”. Milwaukee has a tote, Bosch as far as I know doesn’t. …

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