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Information regarding vehicle titles and registration in Nebraska. Gage County – Beatrice Delinquent Lists February 19, 2020. Thurston County – Pender Valley County – Ord Cass County – Plattsmouth Duplicate Time In Person To determine the title issuing site for your county, refer to the County Officials Listing. Nebraska Counties covered by this service: This site provides direct, online public access to all county property records and document images for the United States and U.S. territories. Find mortgage, lien, release, deed, notice of default, conveyance, lis pendens, bankruptcy and judgment records for land, commercial and residential real estate throughout the United States, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Logan County – Stapleton In fact, in Nebraska lien waiver documents, parties can agree to pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want (as long as the agreement is … New Nebraska ResidentsDriver’s LicensingState ID Cards, Motor Vehicle Titles & Registrations for New ResidentsOut-of-State Certificates of TitleVehicle InspectionsMotor Vehicle Tax Estimator. Please sign in with your subscriber login. The Title History – ownership title history, deeds and mortgage records Voluntary Liens – titles, deeds, mortgages, releases, assignments, foreclosure records Involuntary Liens – mechanic's liens, HOA, IRS tax liens, State tax liens, other liens; Property Valuations – … Arthur County – Arthur Information regarding Nebraska driving under the influcence (DUI) interlock devices. Look it up using the Online Vehicle Title & Lien Inquiry, Lien NotationsStorage-Repair LiensNebraska Electronic Lender GuideBecome a SubscriberElectronic Lien and Title Edit Error MessagesElectronic Provider Question & AnswersElectronic Lien & Title BrochureMemorandums, Provider ApplicationLender ApplicationElectronic Lien & Title Non-Participating Lender Lien ReleaseElectronic Lien & Title Non-Participating Lender Request for Paper TitleElectronic Lien & Title Participating Lenders, Title InquiryRepossession TitlesRepossession License Plates. (2) A lien arises under the act only if the claimant records a lien within the time specified by section 52-137. Franklin County – Franklin Nebraska Lien Search Send to friend; Send Inquiry; Add to favorites; Print; Overview; Liens By County; Liens By Date; Overview. Gosper County – Elwood General InformationRegistration Fees and TaxesMotorboatsFederal Heavy Use TaxRefunds and CreditsNon-ResidentSnowmobileStorage and Non-UseVehicles Exempt from RegistrationTowing TrailersInsurance RequirementsNebraska Motor Vehicle Registration Totals, Motor Vehicle TitlesMotorboat TitlesDuplicate Certificate of TitleJunked TitleMutilated TitleNon-Resident Request for Nebraska Certificate of TitleOut-of-State TitlesRepossession TitlesSalvage Titles Check the status of your driving privileges, Failing to Comply with a Traffic TicketInsurance CancelationNo Proof of InsuranceSupport Payment ViolationUnderage 21 Point Accumulation, Accident SuspensionDefault in Payment SuspensionUnsatisfied Judgment SuspensionDefault in Payment Unsatisfied Judgment, Administrative License Revocation (ALR) due to Alcohol Violation/DUICourt Ordered RevocationRevoked License for Points on License, Nebraska Points SystemSR-22SR-26Proof of Financial ResponsibilityDriver Training and Education / Defensive Driving CoursesNebraska County CourtsTwo-Point Credit. What’s on a Driving RecordObtaining a Driving RecordDriver Record Retention ScheduleClearance LettersApplication for Copy of a Driving RecordApplication for Copy of Multiple Driving Records, Letter of VerificationBulk Record SearchesExempted Uses Permitted Under the Uniform Motor Vehicle Disclosure ActBecome a Subscriber. Commercial Learner's Permit (CLP)Commercial Driver's License (CDL)Restricted CDL (RCDL)CDL TestingCDL TrainingThird Party TestersPre-Trip Vehicle InspectionCDL Documentation RequirementsDownload the Manual, CDL RenewalsMedical CertificationCDL Documentation Requirements, CDL Self Certification ChartSchool BusSeasonal PermitsRestricted CDLHazmat EndorsementCDL Classes, Restrictments & Endorsements, Non-DomiciledVehicles Exempt from needing a CDLMCSIAHearing Impaired, Organ and Tissue Donation, Motor Voter, and Americans with Disability ActCancelled LicenseDriver Licensing LocationsDocument and ID Theft Information. Non-Transferrable Titles, Assigned IDCar ClubDepartment of Revenue – Current Local Sales and Use Tax RatesVehicles Towed from Private Property/Vehicles Left Unattended on Private PropertyTransfer of OwnershipOdometer CertificationsVehicle InspectionsAbandoned Vehicles – Law Enforcement OnlyArtisan's Liens. Otoe County – Nebraska City § 52-115 et. Who can file a lien? Owners wishing to make changes to title ownership information may request the changes as follows: If no lien is present on title: Change of legal name: present Certificate of Title, proof of name change, a completed Application for Certificate of Title, and $10 fee to a county Motor Vehicle Office for issuance of a new title. Dundy County – Benkelman Cheyenne County – Sidney Boyd County – Butte Therefore lien holders will not receive a paper certificate of title with a lien noted on the face nor will they receive a paper receipt or their security agreement back. Banner County – Harrisburg Search title by address or name, locate all property records, deeds, title, mortgage data and lien information for all US counties. Morrill County – Bridgeport The full text of the Nebraska Construction Lien Law is provided below, and has been updated as of 2011. In Nebraska, liens filed on private property are known as Construction Liens. Phelps County – Holdrege While the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles allows for an online search to be conducted by providing solely the VIN code, the results will not be as comprehensive as other sources. There are 93 counties in Nebraska. Adams County – Hastings Lincoln, NE 68509-4877 Loup County – Taylor Information regarding Nebraska Commercial Driver's Licenses (CDLs). The provisions of the Nebraska statutes that permit the filing of mechanics liens and materialman’s liens can be found in Nebraska’s Construction Lien Law, Neb.Rev.St. § 77-1804 The lists of delinquent real property taxes are based on the information as submitted by each county treasurer the first week of February. A $1.00 fee is charged for each successful Nebraska Title, Lien and Registration Record Search. Red Willow County – McCook Terms Of use Richardson County – Falls City Nebraska Commercial Driver's License (CDL) third party testing resources. Please sign in with your subscriber login. Title fee of $10.00; Lien fee of $7.00 (If Financed) NOTE: Some titles have an odometer statement on the reverse side and a separate statement is not necessary. If registration information is needed, the record must be searched by the tag number. Verify your eligibility to obtain a Nebraska Ignition Interlock Permit online, Ignition Interlock PermitWhat is an Ignition Interlock Device?SR-22Proof of Financial ResponsibilityApproved Interlock ProvidersRenew or Replace your Ignition Interlock PermitDriver TrainingIgnition Interlock Incident Report FormIgnition Interlock Information and Disclaimer Form. As required by Neb. Johnson County – Tecumseh Contractors, suppliers, architects, surveyors, or builders who provide materials … The Department’s list will be updated each February. Court records (through the Nebraska Judicial Branch). Sales tax: Varies by county. Brown County – Ainsworth Lien or Bank Name on Title If your Nebraska title shows a lien or a bank name printed on the front, then your title will need to be signed off by the lien holder or have a separate lien release letter. If you currently have possession of the vehicle, refer to Storage-Repair Lien. Obtain preliminary title reports and full chain of title searches U.S. Rock County – Bassett Dakota County – Dakota City Nuckolls County – Nelson Madison County – Madison This service is intended for qualified business professional use only to view vehicle, title, lien and registration information. Keya Paha County – Springview McPherson County – Tryon In the state of Nebraska, a specific schedule of deadlines and procedures for procuring rights to claim lien on a property are in place. Find mortgage, lien, release, deed, notice of default, conveyance, lis pendens, bankruptcy and judgment records for land, commercial and residential real estate throughout the United States, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Adhering to these statutes is essential to maintaining the right to claim on liens legally and effectively in the future. Titles are issued on the county level. Nebraska vehicle title and registration resources. All vehicle liens noted on or after that date are electronic.

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