nus master's in computer science

Students can choose specializations in cloud computing, software development, or visual computing and information extraction. Students may use up to six credits for research, and they can take a limited number of courses from other departments. Most programs require core, elective/concentration, and project/thesis credits. Applicants to the computer science master's degree should demonstrate a strong background in mathematics and computer science. Learners may take up to two electives from another department to diversify their skills. Students in the thesis- and project-focused tracks complete a written report and submit to a final oral examination. Some students choose to culminate their MS with a research thesis. Incoming students must know a programming language -- preferably C++. Graduates with an MBA in computer science can use their unique skill set in business or IT positions. Not only is the average salary of an employee with a master’s degree $101,000 — much higher than those with only a bachelor’s — but the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment in computer science occupations is expected to grow a whopping 12% through 2028. The MS in computer science offers great flexibility, allowing students to focus on one or more computer science domains and choose full- or part-time enrollment. Students who want to specialize in a subdiscipline of computer science can also earn stand-alone master’s degrees in subjects like cybersecurity and software engineering. This course provides an introduction to the role of intelligent technologies in engineering and science. Factors that can influence how much you pay include program format (online or in-person), type of school (private or public), and tuition rate (in-state or out-of-state). Students complete one course each in theoretical computer science, software systems, and machines. The 30-credit MS in computer science allows learners to shape the on-campus degree to meet their own interests. The Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) programme provides excellent opportunities for practising engineers to upgrade their knowledge and core capabilities in various exciting areas of engineering involving nano-science and nano-technology, biomedical systems, computer/ multimedia systems, digital and wireless communications, intelligent control systems, electronic and optoelectronic materials and … The Master of Computing in Computer Science (MComp CS) offers you the opportunity to delve deep into the core areas of computer science, hone your expertise, and learn about the recent advances in the field. Most level 5000 modules are conducted in the evenings. Learners design their own 45-unit MSCS degrees and complete classes on campus and/or online. The school's 30-credit MS in computer science builds on this expertise. This comprises at least five courses, chosen from four areas: theory, software, systems, and applications. Duke consistently ranks among the nation's most prestigious research colleges, and it offers one of the best master's programs for computer science. They monitor networks for security breaches, install data encryption programs and firewalls, and research IT security trends. It encompasses latest research findings, both applied and fundamental. All students complete placement exams before beginning their MPCS studies. The class also emphasizes database design, SQL programming, object-relational mappings, and isolation and consistency. Learners identify a problem in computer science and conduct original research to answer their questions. They need to understand their organization’s business plan to help achieve organizational goals using technology. Its MS in computer science prepares students to design and apply computer systems. Students enjoy opportunities to work with faculty in and outside of the classroom. This program does not provide entry into Cornell's doctoral program. Enrollees complete their coursework requirements through general elective courses in areas of their choosing. We pride ourselves on providing the strongest technical foundation available at any institution in Singapore, across all sub-disciplines of computing. This degree requires at least four core courses, which examine topics such as software engineering, computer architecture, programming languages, and artificial intelligence. One of the oldest colleges in the United States, Penn represents one of the nation's eight Ivy League colleges. Degree-seekers can use elective credits to complete fieldwork courses, which provide internship work experience. Admission requires GRE scores and strong quantitative and analytical skills. Participants begin their curricula by choosing three of 20 core course options, which cover topics including concurrent programming, artificial intelligence, and mobile systems and applications. Applicants typically submit college transcripts, letters of recommendation, a resume, and a statement of purpose. The core must include a systems course, such as software systems; a theory course, such as an analysis of algorithms; and no more than one machine learning course, such as artificial intelligence. Located in Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern is a private college with strong research activity. Because of their advanced knowledge and in-demand technical skills, computer science professionals make substantial salaries. All students supplement core classes in programming and algorithms, with electives in areas such as big data, machine learning, and mobile application development. This option requires learners to complete computer science classes; digital arts coursework, such as computer graphics and digital fabrication; and a culminating research thesis. Admission to this highly competitive program requires a minimum 3.0 GPA and GRE scores. Other topics include memory, interconnection, storage, and architectural innovations. CWRU's school of engineering faculty engage in high-impact scholarship and research to help address challenges in business and society. Enrollees use nine credits to acquire expertise in specialized domains such as artificial intelligence, software engineering, and/or advanced computer systems. Located in Pennsylvania, Lehigh is a rigorous academic community in Bethlehem. Public universities often offer the most affordable degrees, particularly if you qualify for in-state tuition. Most students complete this 108-unit degree in three semesters, acquiring expertise in the CS areas of their choosing. Cost expectations vary considerably, depending on school type, program format, and student residency status. This 36-semester-hour MS in computer science gives learners the flexibility to pursue any of three degree completion tracks: coursework-only, thesis, or project. The ME requires an additional year for students to complete a master's thesis research project. The sky's the limit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 15% job growth rate, much faster than average, for computer and information research scientists from 2019-2029. The MS in computer science offers multiple tracks -- coursework-only, thesis, or project -- so students can customize their degrees. With Computing, you can transform an idea into something real, and share it with millions of people around the world. A comprehensive portfolio of options includes digital logic and computer design, real-time systems, database management systems, and human-computer interaction methods. Computer and information research scientists create new technologies and find ways to use existing technologies to solve problems in business, education, healthcare, and government. Students complete the 30-credit MS in computer science by taking 10 courses or eight courses and a thesis. Students use electives to augment the degree plan. The programme also provides advanced and in-depth knowledge of IT to prepare the students for challenges in an IT career. The school of engineering, which houses this program, allows learners to pursue interdisciplinary collaborations within the school and across the university. Admission to the computer science master's degree requires GRE scores, plus a BS in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field. Learners interested in another option -- advanced application skills -- receive training in robotics, social computing application, virtual reality environments, and similar areas. The machine learning track gives learners expertise in the use of techniques and applications in areas as diverse as finance and bioinformatics. Online Voting: Security Threat or Wave of the Future? Some qualified applicants may receive scholarships. of Information System and Analytics. Option two allows learners to complete two specializations: a 21-unit primary and 15-unit secondary specialization. Admission requires competency in areas such as computer architecture and programming languages. Read and pass eightST level 5000 modules or higher amounting to 32 MCs 3. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. Faculty require all students to demonstrate technical writing proficiency through a research thesis or project report. Project Option As of May 2019, computer network architects earned a median annual salary of $112,690, and computer and information research scientists garnered a median of $122,840 annually. It’s a great time to pursue a master’s degree in computer science! As part of your education, you will … The cost of a master’s in computer science varies by school. Typical computer science graduate programs focus on topics like machine learning, programming, software development and engineering, and database management. Each track requires its own set curriculum, comprising breadth courses, track courses, and electives. Be an entrepreneur, artist, scientist, designer, business executive. All students complete four core courses covering algorithms, systems programming, database systems, and operating systems. Part of a 17-college system, Carolina represents the nation's first public college. All graduate research students are admitted directly into a full-time graduate programme that leads to either: 1. Some graduate assistants receive a stipend to help pay for living expenses. The college offers an MS in computer science for learners with computer science backgrounds who want to specialize in software development.

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