golf bag with external putter holder

External putter tube. 2. At least one of the apertures for the ball storage compartment may be constructed so as to provide easy user access to the stored balls without requiring manipulation of a mechanical closure system (such as a zipper, snaps, hook-and-loop fasteners, etc.). This longitudinal length dimension in the axial direction, in at least some example structures, also may be less than 8 inches, less than 6 inches, or even less than 5 inches. This sleeve may extend in an axial direction away from at least one aperture, and the sleeve may define an internal open area perpendicular to the axial direction of less than 14 in2, and in some example structures, having an open area of less than 9 in2, or even less than 7 in2 or less than 5 in2. In this example structure 300, at least some portions of the side walls 302 a, 302 b, and/or 302 c of the aperture 300 have an elastic material 304 included therein or thereon to thereby allow one or more of the walls 302 a, 302 b, 302 c to stretch, e.g., in the direction of arrows 306. This fantastic TaylorMade Select Plus Cart Bag features a large 10" stadium top, with full length dividers and an integrated putter well divider. US20110127182A1 - Golf Bags Having an External Putter Holder and/or an Externally Accessible Golf Ball Storage System - Google Patents Golf Bags Having an External Putter Holder and/or an Externally Accessible Golf Ball Storage System Download PDF Info Publication number US20110127182A1 . 14 x Golf Putter Clamp. There are a few threads knocking about bags. Other variations in the overall golf ball storage compartment structure are possible without departing from this invention, including variations described in co-pending U.S. patent application Ser. For example, as illustrated in FIG. 1A through 1C also includes a plurality of compartments or pockets 116 a-116 e distributed around the exterior of the housing 102. - User Information Legal Enquiry Guide, © 1999-2021 Powakaddy golf bag in good condition, all zips work well and has no tears in the fabric. Golf Bag Putter Holder. Onetouch Made from lightweight vinyl and PU materials, these bags are easy to carry around the course, and offer individual dividers to ensure that your shafts are fully protected at all times. I have two sets but the second doesn't fit my staff bag so selling these. The upper aperture 202 of this illustrated example structure 200 generally is shaped to accommodate the shape and a portion of the size of a golf ball (note also FIG. 2.30 As mentioned above, the ball storage compartment may include a sleeve extending from at least one aperture (and optionally connecting two apertures, when two are present) in which the balls are stored. Odd positioning of the top carrying handle; Cart strap sometimes blocks putter tube; Most golf bags don’t have the luxury of carrying more than five clubs at a time, but the Prosimmon Tour 14 Way Cart golf bag is too different. Show more like these. In this example structure 400, however, the circular aperture 402 includes two side finger slots 406, and 408 through which a user can reach to help grab the sides of the ball 404. In the arrangement shown, upper aperture 202 is substantially oval in shape or egg shaped. In other words, external putter and golf ball storage systems of this type may be attached to a golf bag (or to another object, such as a golf cart, pull cart, etc.) Such golf bags may include: (a) a base; (b) one or more wall members extending from the base (defining a chamber for plural clubs); (c) a housing member located outside the chamber and defining a first aperture that provides access to a space outside the chamber for receiving a putter shaft; and (d) a ball storage compartment located outside the chamber and outside the housing member. Help/Info; Delivery; Login; Signup; 01277 218 714. 1.85 The vertical displacement distance (Dvertical) may be the same as or somewhat less than the actual distances, and the general ranges for this vertical displacement distance may be the same as or somewhat lower than the ranges described above. 2A. While there is no theoretical maximum size for the sleeve 506, in order to better maintain the balls in an orderly, easily locatable manner, the sleeve 506 in accordance with at least some example structures according to this invention may take on a maximum size of less than 3×BD, and optionally less than 2.5×BD, less than 2×BD, less than 1.75×BD, and in some examples, less than 1.5×BD. This feature keeps the putter, which is a frequently used club, in a consistent and readily accessible location for the user. The divider 108 may extend the entire length of the chamber 104 (from the open end to the base 106) to further segregate the volume within the housing 102 and separate the various clubs, or it may extend only a portion of this length. Constructed from a hard-wearing nylon fabric, the new look Club-Series bag includes seven generous pockets; an external putter well; detachable rain hood; plus upper and lower grab handles to make it easy to lift on and off the trolley. 2.43 As noted above, desirably, in their unstressed condition (e.g., when only gravity and/or normal moving forces (e.g., due to walking, carrying the bag, and/or riding with the bag, etc.) That’s why it has 14 dividers to keep all of your clubs separate and therefore safe in the bag. Each ball 210 may be forced through the upper aperture 202 and gravity (or the force of another entering ball) will cause the lower balls to move to or toward a position on top of the balls 210 already in the interior sleeve 206 of the golf ball storage system 200 and to or toward the lower aperture 204. £1.75 delivery. ≧1.05(BD) The sleeve 506 may be made from one or more pieces of material, and it may be made from at least some materials independent from the golf bag 500 and/or pocket member 508. Powakaddy Premium Cart Bag. (in) Bag in lime green, white and black. Any desired handle structure may be provided on a golf bag structure 100 without departing from this invention. | The apertures, however, need not be generally oval, elliptical, or tear-drop shaped, e.g., as shown in various figures above. 4 and 5 illustrate various example dimensional and/or structural features of expandable, stretchable, or flexible apertures that may be used in golf ball storage systems in at least some example golf bag structures according to this invention; and. This is not your traditional putter company! The Bag Room ; Golf Style and Accessories ; Golf Bags/Carts/Headcovers ; Do any stand bags have external putter holders? Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. 1731 “Riding golfers love the convenience of the rotating top,” said Perry Hilbert, Sales Manager at Bag Boy. The tube structure 256 may extend any desired longitudinal length along the wall of the housing member 102 without departing from this invention (e.g., the tube structure 256 may be of a length such that the free end of the putter grip rests on a bottom wall (if any) of the tube structure 256, or it may be of a sufficient length so that the head or other part of the putter structure contacts the housing member 254 to prevent further movement of the putter into the tube structure 256.

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