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You cannot be 100% sure but you will do hijaama anyway because Nabi (PBUH) said hijaama is remedy for 40 diseases. When a person has eaten Sihr, they will have unusual pains in the stomach that may last for months or even years. I stayed without medicines for about ten months, and now almost every symptom is back except the depression and the hallucination. Effects on plants, trees … So, we do not give false hope to the family and explain well the limits of our possibilities. We can still expect a slight improvement and relief of the sick, and limit the deterioration of his condition he is in constant degradation. After a year of medicines and two crazy side effects, I quitted. Eaten Sihr can also be done by accident, but the person will not feel the full effects of the Sihr because the Sihr may have been meant for someone else – Allah knows best. [10/30, 12:39 PM] [Brother 2] : No doubt both have their noor and effect.. It must be in the Arabic language, or what is known to be its meaning in other languages. "normal" again because of the serious side effects. The secondary effect of Sihr will show us how the Sihr has been done and that will give us the clue for the treatment. When the Jinn is attacked and they have been attached by Sihr this will have very little results, even if it is forced to leave, the Sihr will force it to come back. Ruqya treatment against black magic, jinn possession and evil eye. The Sihr is the actual “black magic” that is sent to the person to destroy their life, and it is the Sihr that makes the person feel all the symptoms. ‎Someone can feel that his head is really heavy and cannot do any work. * Thus truth was confirmed and all that they did was made of no effect * So the (great ones) were vanquished there and then, and were made to look small”. AMINA BINTE MUNAVAR The primary effect is to block a persons life and this will show that the person is affected with Sihr. It is an effective laxative and is a good medicine with no side effects, well balanced and dry. Someone who suffer from  black magic will ‎feel uncomfortable with the nose. It could be anywhere like in the brain, chest, stomach, legs, private parts etc. The fourth symptom is dry cough. 3. Then the next symptoms is sore throat. Sihr Put in The Body Please login or register. Another symptoms is stuffy and congested nose. Difficulty to sleep … Book and article series. Decreased. Sihr is treated according to how it is done, example, if eaten Sihr, it has to be removed from the stomach. Here is the instruction: 4. The voice of the jinn is not necessarily the jinn itself in the throat or … In fact if the disease of delusion strikes a man, it is one of the most serious kinds of disease, for jinn possession may be dealt with by reciting the Qur’an as a Ruqyah, but the disease of delusion is a vicious circle. Removing Sihr does not depend on the effect of Sihr but how it is done. Ruqyah Shar’eeyah is based on Islamic Sharia law and has three conditions. The secondary effect of Sihr will show us how the Sihr has been done and that will give us the clue for the treatment. If you are affected by Jinn please do not be offended but we think this its best to eliminate these as possible factors. And normally happens due to the presence of the jinn in human body and in this case the brain the jinn often leave a damage and after the Jinns are removed  Patients are adviced to seek Medical Treatment. Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “The evil eye is real and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye.” (Muslim) If you feel you are affected by… Even in cases of diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, western medicine is generally quite helpless because it often does not recognize the true causes. Psychological problems but that does not exclude the  possibility of being affected by Black Magic. When a person becomes physically disabled or mentally retarded because of witchcraft suffered early in childhood or even in the womb or the mother who had witchcraft for children with disabilities, even if remove witchcraft, the effect that the patient has suffered irreversible. It is the satanic words recited or shirk attached to the elements, however the elements are there to just make it stronger or used to improve the effects of the Sihr. Check Our List Of Ruqyah Products We Recommend These effects may manifest themselves as strange smells in a room, insects or dead mice in a room, strange markings and defects in the walls or on the floors. December 22, 2020, 09:20:29 AM ... [10/30, 12:38 PM] Mufti Abu Hajira: Just because listening to Qur'an has its benefit, do you side step the awliya of reading Quran? It treats illnesses; such as evil eye, witchcraft, envy, and such diseases. Effect on ages: longevity, age relative to appearance, death, grave interference. Its beneficial effects include working against depressing thoughts, cracks in the feet, tension in the muscles, the spread of hair, lice, scabies, pustules and itching. © Copyright 2018 - Ruqya South Africa | Design by theimagehouse design studio. We do not like to use the word BLACK MAGIC because some people believe that even BLACK MAGIC can be good, whereas no Black Magic can be good because it all involves Shirk. The primary effect is to block a persons life and this will show that the person is affected with Sihr. They will feel pain at their muscle suddenly. Some patients are suffering from serious Some relief is obtained but still cure eludes them. Contact Sihr usually gives skin problems like Psoriasis or Eczema. An example of explanation will … Effect on the body: Power, speed and activity, health and wellness, skills e.g. Under the effect of this Sihr and under the Jinn is whispering, a suitor, who would have initially agreed to the marriage, would decline after a few days, without any valid reason. Experiencing abnormal health problems such as: Unexplained pain in particular part of body, Ahadith; sayings of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم). shukran! Sorcerers use symbols very much as they did for Nabi (PBUH). Symbolic Sihr means that sorcerers will use symbols to harm the person like the symbol of knots – like in Surah Falaq, when they blow on knots so it means they tie up a persons life, mind or womb or relations to get confused etc. Obviously, I cannot mention all the possibilities but you will definitely know when you have experienced a strange and mysterious occurrence. Ruqyah (plural: ruqa) derives from the past-tense verb raqa. Suffering from PCOS is already hard as it is but being continuous with berberine will start to make increasingly better results after 3 months بإذن الله. So it is necessary to treat him at the came time for the Psychological problems and for the Mystic problems. We advise the one who is sick – whether that is spiritual (mental) illness such as anxiety and depression, or physical illness such as various kinds of pain – to hasten first of all to treat the problem with ruqyah as prescribed in sharee’ah. It is also effective against pain in the back and hips. Similarly like Ruqya where you use Quraan reciting, but by using things like water, oil and hijaama it is just there to increase the effect of Quraan. Even if the patient has a natural pain like breaking a knee, and if a Jinn comes into the body, it will likely to go into the knee and it will find that weak place, sit there and make it worse. Eaten Sihr Ruqyah - Islamic Exorcism Protection and Healing - Jinn, Sorcery and Evil Eye. Diagnosing is a revolution in Ruqya because once you know and identify the problem, then you have won 50% of the fight. Ruqyah FAQs . cooking etc. With the recitation of the Qur'an alone, devils can be expelled and eliminated. Most of the time this type of Sihr is attached by walking on it. Sihr in English terms is Black Magic or Jadu according to the Indian understanding. Ruqyah serves the dual purpose of curing both the body and the mind because it restores the balance of the psychological and mental systems. A sudden change in attitude from love to hate. When a child has a jinn who has dominated his young age, the problem is that he has never had personality and never had possession of his body. Some relief is obtained but still cure eludes them. 2. Reciting or hearing the Quran verses and simultaneously meditating on its meanings boost our immunity level. They will feel pain at their muscle suddenly. This Sihr also brings some Jinn. We are focusing this small article for the treatment of black magic, evil eye and jinn possession. This type of ruqyah was approved and prescribed by the prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) during his time on a number of occasions for the treatment of fevers, sores, scorpion bites and evil eye. I see signs that I have a jinn or jinns inside of me. Contact Sihr When answering questions about Ruqyah Magic Shir and Jinn we have always tried to eliminate possible medical and environmental issues. Ruqyah can be used to ward of negative energies that cause problems such as pain, stress, mental illness, blocks in life etc and it can be used to invite positive energies such as a good destiny, lightness, relief from pain and illnesses etc. The impossible cases are those where the patient has suffered irreversible changes, physical or mental. There is also heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat. The effects of sihr may not take control of them in the same way or to the same extent it might do to someone who is not particularly mindful of Allah, so therefore generally it will not be obvious to the untrained eye. The mistake of most people who are not experienced in Ruqya is to attack the Jinn without removing the Sihr. Symbolic Sihr This type of Sihr can be removed with Senna leaves or Sidr mixed with Quraan. Most psychologist reject the existence of mystical problems even though they could not solve the patient’s problem; this is because psychology does not believe in the existence of jinns or black magic. Sihr has primary effects and secondary effects. Someone who suffer from black magic will ‎feel uncomfortable with the nose. Those medications further cause side effects and damages as in reality they are not needed. We will suffer from a bad sore throat. In cases of a strong Sihr, a suitor would, upon entering the house of his prospective wife, feel very uncomfortable and see darkness before him as if he were in prison, and so would never return. If it is cooked in olive oil and drunk, it expels putrid matter. Ruqyah Bath is not only an effective treatment for curing the affects of back magic, sihr, ayn, evil eye and jinn possession but can be used for many serious illnesses & sickness like cancer, leukemia, depression and more. One of them is someone will feel ‎fever and the fever may be high and can cause death. in fatigue, low energy, low immunity, mental c onfusion, loss of. The third symptom is ‎tiredness. How can you be sure that the pain is due to Sihr and Jinn and Ayn.? The later one is usually due to black magic and/or jinn possession. This is the way to proceed when diagnosing. 1. There is hardly a better opportunity to witness the power and blessedness of the Qur'an as with Ruqyah. Oxygen Utilization leads to the excessive free radicals that result. There are many ways in which Sihr is done, however, most people feel the effects in four basic categories of their life. Therefore, there is a delay in seeing the physical effects of the ruqya since the ruqya first affects the spiritual disease and then in turn, the spiritual disease affects the human body which we then finally see as physical manifestations of the spiritual disease. Thus, by the will of Allah Willing, the body gets protection from diseases and it gets the power to ward off the bacteria and virus that constantly attack … Apart from that جزاك الله خيرا You recognise this by the pains the patients will have. We will ‎always go to sleep. Not to mention blockades in life, which are not even recognized as a medical problem! But that is subject to the condition that the treatment does not cause side effects which are worse than the problem itself. This is mostly accidentally which means someone put Sihr somewhere and anyone who walks on it will get the Sihr, or it could be for a purpose, like if they put it on your way in-front to your shop or house or somewhere where you always sit. The four categories are listed below. Sihr is always done to harm the victim and the type of harm includes but not restricted to: 3. If you remove the ants then more will come. No, InsyaAllah there is no side effect that would harm you when listening to the audio “verses of quran” Don’t be scared you just need to believe that Allah swt will help you – you should have no doubt about it. The hair is mostly used to affect the mind and that was how it affected Nabi (PBUH) because he was imagining things so that is to tie your mind so you cant think, then they put it in a skunk or hyhina or dry well used for toilet or under a stone all to drive someone crazy. Different verses can have different effects when recited on a person. So the human being in him was never expressed. The pains will always be unusual and repetitive and systematic like headaches and difficulty learning, concentrating and craziness while for women it is to stop them from having babies or stop women having sexual relations with their husbands to block them totally. The only down side to this is the price from a students perspective. I am scared and I don’t want to wait for that to happen again. Also, our Prophet (صلى الله عليه و سلم) was affected by sihr as a result of which Allah sent the last two Surahs of Quran. However, if the Sihr is removed them most of the time the Jinn will leave by himself because there is nothing keeping it with the person. Teach self Ruqya treatment about Jinn possession , Black margin and illness To Quran and Sunnah . There is a difference between psychological and mystical problems. By this method you can see that sorcery itself is just words, because if you take the hair, knots, skunk itself without saying anything then it will have no effect. There are many different Ruqyah techniques and factors to amplify the effectiveness of one’s Ruqyah. In this example the sweet represents the Sihr and the ants represent Jinn. Can optionally remove witchcraft, which partially relieve the person, but we can not (according to the current state of our knowledge) to remove the jinn, because if it comes out, that will be the master of the body? Listening to Ruqyah, Reciting it, & Siḥr. This is actually a body without a master other than the djinn. An example of explanation will be that if you put a sweet on the floor it will attract many ants. Ruqyah is the practice of healing spiritual sicknesses through Ayat (verses) from the holy book; Quran. This section is updated regularly with readers questions. Please bare in mind that these categories give just a basic idea of how the Sihr may have been done or wether or no the person may even be affected with Sihr. The possessed person might suffer of twitching in different parts of his body during the ruqyah specially the face, some of the patients experience mouth movements left of right ,also they might experience eye movement or sudden movements in the shoulders, all these symptoms are registered on different patients during ruqyah reading or during Quran reading. Doctors will give names for these pains like ulcers, cron disease, piles, consistent constipation, acid reflux, etc. The last symptoms of black magic is muscle aches and ‎stiffness. There are many symptoms of black magic. What appears to be a fairy-tale to average "modern" man, is a recognized cure in Islam. What we have said here also applies to when the jinn speak during ruqya. Three people told me the same thing, and two of them are experienced raqis. Effect on livestock: camels (see hadith), bring down a bird from the sky etc. The idea is to remove the sweet in order to also easily stop more ants from coming. Psoriasis only comes by physical contact. The last symptoms of black magic is muscle aches and ‎stiffness. A person will open business after business, apply for hundreds of jobs, searching for … Doctors have no explanation of how these skin diseases appear or understand how it works. The second symptom is headache. keep Remember me in your prayers. If this Sihr was not meant for you, you will still get it but the effects will be much less but if it was meant for you then you will feel the full effect. Sometimes this Sihr is put in the body only to keep a Jinn in the body like in the shoulder and there will be a Jinn there causing pain and blockages in life and if you try to remove that Jinn it will be difficult because it will be attached to the Sihr. ‎Another symptoms is stuffy and congested nose. It is sometimes accompanied with other actions, such as blowing or wiping over the thing ich it is applied. But sometimes the Psychological problem is GRAVER than the problem of Sihr/Jinn possession or and it also happens that the  Psychological problem prevents the patient to be cured of the black magic and the Jinns because he is Psychologically too much touched it gives some strength to the Jinns and to the Witchcraft to dominate him. We will cough continuously although ‎we are healthy. This is the way to proceed when diagnosing. When black magic has done to us, we will feel that our body is not active. What is Ruqyah Shariah ? Ruqyah treatment works to undo these knots and remove evil forces and bring relief and Shifa to the afflicted patient. It consists of words said or written in the form of dud or Dhikr for the purpose of protection or cure. These words have been confusing: we speak of someone totally possessed since his youngest age, who has not attended school, which does not behave like a normal child but rather a living animal. Diagnosing is a revolution in Ruqya because once you know and identify the problem, then you have won 50% of the fight. However, we as muslim have to believe in the existence of jinn and sihr because Allah has talked about jinns in the Quran. Not only that, we also will feel a ‎mental block  and we get disturbed with bad dreams and finally we will have a negative ‎thoughts. Ibn Hajar (rahimuhullah) said there is a consensus on the using of ruqyah if three conditions are met: It must be with the speech of Allah (Qur’aan) and his names and attributes. This type of Sihr is sent with the Jinn to put in the body. Ask a question. The only side effect i have is decrease in appetite which helps when fasting Alhamdulillah. Allah also uses the word SIHR in Quraan and we understand that this word only relates to evil and wrong doing.

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